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Welcome to the 100% Letter!



Welcome to the 100% Letter, the premier subscription newsletter for investors who want to maximize their returns.


The 100% Letter mandate is to seek out investment opportunities with 100% upside over a 12- to 18-month time horizon using catalyst-based investing strategies.


Why catalysts? Because a stock catalyst is an event that has a very sudden and dramatic impact on the company’s future. A positive catalyst can completely change a company’s growth profile and cause a sudden rush of investors into the stock, driving the share price higher over a relatively short period of time. Sometimes it takes 12 to 18 months, sometimes it happens overnight.


Our opportunities include small cap stocks, large-cap stocks, resource, technology and industrial stocks … anything out there that has the potential to generate a 100% return, or more, over our target time horizon.


We’ll provide you with in-depth research across a wide range of investments that have one thing in common – high return potential.  You'll notice that the 100% Letter portfolio provides a selection of investments – identified by opportunity – for both growth and dividend investors, so you can select big winner stocks that best satisfy your investing preferences. 


What We're About


But the 100% Letter is more than just the names of stocks that fit the profile of a big winner. Like the name suggests, it's also about telling stories. 


To be sure, our goal is to provide you the best stock ideas that can double in value, but we also want you to understand why they could double in value. To that end, every stock report outlines the catalysts on the horizon that are expected to move the stock. Our philosophy is that if you understand the story, you’re better able to determine if the investment is right for you.


We also provide you with a specific entry point, because price is synonymous with value.  When you invest with the 100% Letter, not only will you be investing for superior gains, you'll also receive guidance on how to accumulate a position to maximize gains while minimizing risk … as well as guidance on when to sell a position.


In other words, 100% Letter is as your partner in the quest for big winner investments. 


Balance is key, so we assure you that the 100% Letter portfolio is (and always will be) properly diversified. No geography, sector, or investment type receives disproportional allocation. This makes the 100% Letter portfolio resistant to a devastating sell-off in any one market segment.  We go to great lengths to ensure investment risk is properly aligned with investment reward. 


What You’ll Get Every Month


Every other Wednesday you'll receive an in-depth report featuring an actionable investment recommendation and/or detailed analysis of stocks under current coverage and specific buy/sell price targets, delivered via e-mail.


Each investment is picked to provide you with superior capital gains – the potential to double in value over a 12 to 18 month time period. Just as important, each pick also fits within the context of the overall 100% Letter portfolio, so that investors who buy each recommendation remain properly diversified. 


Here's a sampling of the investments our subscribers were able to take advantage of over the past 12 months:

  • Africa Oil (AOIFF, AOI.V) 300% return (and counting…)

  • Market Leader (NASDAQ: LEDR) 44% return

  • MicroFinancial (NYSE: MFI) 46% return

  • Susser Holdings (NYSE: SUSS), 101% return

  • Endeavour Silver (NYSE:EXK), 190% return

  • Inventure Foods (NYSE: SNAK), 63% return

In addition to the regular recommendations, you'll also receive periodic news alerts when events occur with our portfolio stocks. These updates inform you of any changes in recommendations, and any extraordinary news or price action.


Wealth-Generating Research


Throughout the year subscribers receive Special Research Reports and Analysis, which can be downloaded as a PDF file, that delve into unique investment opportunities that play on current market themes. In the past, we've featured special reports that offer strategies to increase exposure to certain trends that are benefiting other portfolio stocks, expanded coverage on several stocks in a given sector/industry/geography, as well as strategy reports that explain exactly how to execute certain catalyst-based investing strategies. 


These invaluable investment insights, strategies and tools are further enhanced by educational videos, webinars, and teleconference.  100% Letter is not only about providing you the best big winner opportunities; it is about making you a smarter, more-informed investor. 


Getting Started


We know getting started can be the hardest part. We also know that many investors lack the funds to invest in all the 100% Letter recommendations (or they simply want to use 100% Letter to carve out a big-winner allocation in their own portfolio).


Therefore, we provide ongoing coverage of each position so you’ll know if it is a good buy after the initial recommendation. We also recommend investors “dollar cost average” or invest in “tranches” to help spread out risk. We’ll give you guidance on this, so you won’t be left hanging out to dry.


All of our catalyst-based and risk reducing strategies are clearly detailed in our Special Report: The Secret to Finding 100% Winners, available on the “Special Reports” section of our website.  


Because many of our stocks can move quickly as catalysts come to fruition, and these catalysts can have a significant impact on the company’s future growth potential, we don’t provide price targets or a “buy or sell” recommendation in the table of portfolio returns.


Our experience is that these tools are more often than not misleading to our subscribers, who are better off reading our frequent updates and coverage on each position so they know the reasons supporting each investment thesis.


Our Website


Of course, you can access our services and benefits 24/7 at: 100percentletter.wyattresearch.com.  We've made our Website intuitive and easy to navigate with a few simple tabs. 


At the “Issues” tab you'll find all the in-depth recommendations and reports, along with any market updates.  Here, you can find the latest coverage on each position, as well as our original research reports. All issues are organized chronologically.


At the “Portfolio” tab, you'll find our current portfolio – all of our stocks, the date coverage began, our reference price and each position’s total return to date. You’ll also find a link to all closed positions. This portfolio is updated at least once a week.


The “Special Reports” tab takes you to all the special investing situations and strategies not included in the monthly newsletter or market alerts.


Contact Us


We are also readily available to address any issues or answer questions pertaining to your subscription. You can email us at customerservice@wyattresearch.com or call us (866) 447-8625.


Our office hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Time. If you email or call outside of these hours, we will be sure to contact you the following business day. (Please keep in mind that we can't offer specific individual investment advice.) 


 You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. So let's take a look at everything you'll receive, when you start your subscription to 100% Letter:


  • The most recent issue of the 100% Letter (published June 25th) that reveals all the details of another brand new stock for doubling your money. 

  • 26 new issues of the 100% Letter containing our latest research, chart analysis and updates on portfolio holdings. Every issue explains the full rationale behind our every move... and includes discussions on stock price movements, stop losses and upcoming events – so you'll have everything you need to make sound investment decisions.

  • Clear and concise CATALYST-driven investment ideas – all of our research revolves around this proven investment strategy, which helps to boost returns while lowering risk. We tell you exactly what catalysts to be on the lookout for, how they could move each of our stocks, when they could occur and why they are so important. We outline multiple ways to win, so you have the highest chance of investment success possible.

  • Two opportunities to DOUBLE your money each month – you'll receive two official investment recommendations each month... these include new ideas as well as ultra-timely alerts to add exposure to stocks under current coverage. We give you all the details so you don't have to do the work. Of course, we always disclose any and all risks associated with every recommendation so you are completely informed.

  • Email alerts sent to your inbox the minute there's breaking news concerning a 100% Letter stock – so you'll always know exactly what's happening with every stock we recommend and what, if any, action we recommend taking.

  • Fully transparent portfolio where you'll be able to see every transaction, cost basis, and trade information. There's no smoke and mirrors here – all numbers are front and center. This is a great tool for monitoring your own performance right alongside us.

  • Access to the 100% Letter subscribers-only website, where you can read over our entire issue archive and special reports library.

  • LIVE customer service during regular business hours with our customer service experts who are ready to help you with all your subscription needs.