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One Telltale Signal Predicts Which

 Stocks Are Ready to Soar 190%,

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(It’s handing investors like you PROFITS
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In the brief report below, discover how to earn these incredible gains for yourself… starting with
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Fellow Investor,


We’ve just found 3 stocks that are an immediate “BUY”…


And sometime in the months ahead, you'll have the opportunity to turn every $1,000 invested into $2,000 or more... every $10,000 into $20,000 or more...


How do I know?


Because my team and I have developed a unique strategy that can hand you gains so big… so sudden… they can transform your portfolio practically overnight.


We’ve kept it a closely guarded secret for years… using it for only a select few opportunities… while we developed its predictive power.


But now, for the first time ever, I’m not only making this strategy available to you…


I’ve dedicated a brand new investment service – called the 100% Letter. – to put this strategy to work for you… and alert you to these quick-moving stocks (the kind that can DOUBLE your money in as fast as 12 months).


Why now? Well, honestly, because this is one the greatest times to invest in these kinds of opportunities… and readers like you demand it!


This year alone, my readers and I have doubled our money multiple times using this strategy… with official recommendations including:


221% on Netflix – we bought shares when they were deeply undervalued just before rapid subscriber growth and original programming sent revenues soaring…


111% on Howard Hughes Corp. – we invested well before the real estate rebound triggered a quick rally in its shares…


157% on Mastercard – we got in just as consumer spending (and transactions) reached their highest level in 6 years…


And most recently on Tesla Motors… we invested just before it started turning a profit and selling more luxury cars than BMW! Shares rocketed up 152% in a matter of months!


And readers including Mark L. of Harrisburg, PA were handsomely rewarded:


"[TSLA] gave me a total profit of $9,000 in just 3 months. Thanks for the great recommendation."
- Mark L., May 24, 2013


Now, our readers want more…


Brad H., a doctor from Syracuse, NY, said "Send me more stocks like Netflix please." And that’s exactly what I’m going to deliver...


You see, before these stocks made their big moves, they exhibited the same telltale sign…


A clear buy signal that tipped off our team of analysts they were about to double in value. And it’s this signal that is at the heart of the strategy behind the 100% Letter.


And as you’re about to discover, it’s so powerful… so accurate… it rules every investment decision we make in the 100% Letter.


This is like no other investment service we’ve ever offered before.


And as the name suggests, this service has one mission, and one mission only – to help you DOUBLE your initial investment in as little as 12 months.


I realize that’s a lofty goal… but it’s not outlandish when you consider that the analyst I’ve handpicked to run this service has been helping investors do just that!


His name is Tyler Laundon. He’s one of my firm’s best and brightest. And his track record speaks for itself… Tyler recently handed our readers gains of 190%, 484%, and 495%.


And I’m so confident in his ability to lead you to extraordinary returns…


I’ve decided to invite you to join us at the 100% Letter today – at a dramatic discount.


You see, I founded this firm on the very principle that adding a few of these unique stocks to your portfolio can have an immediate impact on your personal wealth.


I even published a bestselling book on the topic… revealing exactly how I discovered some of the market’s greatest success stories – far ahead of Wall Street.


You may have heard about some of our best stock recommendations… True Religion (a gain of 3,100%)Peyto Energy (a gain of 1,342%)… and Bankrate.com (a gain of 705%)


So I’m staking my reputation as an investor and the future of my firm on Tyler and our new service.


That way, it’s easier than ever for you to a get a share of this immense wealth being created…


So, I hope you’ll take a moment to consider working with Tyler… look over his track record, find out how this strategy works, and learn about the first 3 stocks he’s adding to the 100% Letter portfolio.


But even if you don't accept this invitation today, I think you'll find what we have to share interesting and very useful.


Because for reasons you’re about to discover ahead…


Each of the first 3 stocks we’re adding to the 100% Letter portfolio could take off at any moment!


And if you don’t act soon, I can’t guarantee you’ll be able to get in on these incredible profit opportunities.


So, let’s look at each of these stocks starting with what Tyler calls…


“Our next 500% Winner!”


To show you exactly how the strategy behind the 100% Letter works… I have to tell you how Tyler discovered this opportunity.


You see, it’s no easy task finding investments that can double in as fast as 12 months… you have to be willing to search for stocks in any sector… with any market cap… anywhere in the world.


And that’s exactly what Tyler does... he searches through a vast universe of investments – seeking out only the select few stocks with this common signalthe sure sign these investments could rapidly appreciate in value very soon.


One of his most successful and recent investment recommendations was a small mobile Internet company based in Israel – Allot Communications (NASDAQ: ALLT).


Tyler recommended shares of this little-known company back when no one was investing in this stock. It wasn’t even a blip on Wall Street’s radar – less than 20,000 shares exchanged hands each day.


One of our readers, Patrick O. from Aberdeen, MD, got in ALLT at $4.85 a share.


He wrote in to tell us: “I had no conception of what Deep Packet Inspection meant… but I convinced my conservative money manager to buy $10,000 worth [of ALLT].”


The timing couldn’t have been better…


You see, Deep Packet Inspection is a techie term for describing how mobile devices like smartphones are able to access the web, stream video, and send email. And this was just as Apple and Google started selling millions of new mobile devices including iPhones and Android tablets.


After Tyler recommended Allot, worldwide mobile traffic skyrocketed.


And the biggest names in networking… including Oracle and HP… paid millions for Allot’s technology to meet all this new demand for mobile internet access.


The result: Allot’s revenues soared and shares shot up. And Patrick’s shares were suddenly worth over $25!


 "Allot was a blessing after years of disaster - so a huge thanks" - Patrick O., May 17, 2013


He quickly sold his entire stake and netted $41,500 in profit – “a five bagger!” as he put it.


$41,500 in Pure Profit Investing in ALLT



And now Tyler has found what may very well be his next Allot… another potential 5-bagger!


It’s a U.S.-based business operating in the same region of the world… except it’s generating far more cash!


In fact, it’s on pace to increase revenues 10-FOLD by year’s end.


How? Well, it’s completely cornered the market in one of the world’s most indispensible and vital sectors – agriculture.


Much like Monsanto or Cargrill, this highly profitable company completely dominates the food production industry…


With one key difference – rather than selling seeds for multiple crops or competing against established businesses…


It’s gobbled up the entire market share of just one product... the world’s 4th most important crop… a leafy plant that can grow year-round in dry, arid climates including the Western U.S., Middle East and Africa.


It’s so reliable and grows so well, regardless of the weather or season, it’s quickly becoming the primary food stock for dairy and beef cattle, horses and sheep.


And as demand continues to increase in the months ahead, only this one company stands to profit most. (In fact, it just acquired the only competition!)


Now, I can’t get into all the details of this business here. There’s simply too much information to share. And before you decide to invest, I want to make sure you have our full analysis of this opportunity.


That’s why I want to send you the brand new report Tyler just prepared on this rapidly growing company. It’s called, Double Your Money With The Little-known Company Feeding the World.


Inside, you’ll discover exactly why this stock could suddenly take off – and easily DOUBLE some time in the months ahead.


And when you accept this special no-risk invitation to join the 100% Letter today… you’ll be able to access this in-depth report – INSTANTLY – for free!


And, remember, this is just one of 3 stocks we’re adding to the 100% Letter portfolio right now…


But before we dive into the next two… I’d like to answer one key question… perhaps it’s something you’ve been asking yourself:


What’s our secret?


We don't chase hot stock tips. We don't rely on technical charts or fancy algorithms. And we don't make risky bets trying to time the market (all good ways to lose money).


Instead, we look for companies that share a few common traits – sure signs that tell us they’re in store for dramatic growth.


You see, the secret to doubling your money in stocks isn’t simply investing in great companies.


There are hundreds of great companies out there…  


Like Exxon Mobil, it makes billions dominating the oil industry but its stock is up just 5% over the past five years.


Or Microsoft… at one time it was near monopoly… but its stock is only up 19% over the past five years.


These are great companies – but they DON’T deliver big returns to shareholders.


Now don’t misunderstand: I believe there’s no surer or safer way to build and preserve your wealth than with a diversified mix of established blue chips and dividend paying stocks…


But if you’re looking to DOUBLE, TRIPLE, or in the case of some of Tyler’s recent recommendations – QUADRUPLE your money!  


Then you’ll want to add a few carefully selected stocks that in addition to being great businesses… all share one thing in common – and that’s positive catalysts.


A stock catalyst is an event that has a very dramatic impact on the company’s future.


It causes a sudden rush of investors into the stock, driving the share price higher – by 100% or more! – in a short period of time… about 6 to 18 months.


Or as you’ll discover ahead… it can happen overnight!


In case of the agriculture company revealed in your special report, Double Your Money With The Little-known Company Feeding the World… it has 8 specific catalysts that could hand it quick profits and send its shares sky-high including: the fact it just acquired its main competitor and is set to double output from 9 to 18 million pounds of seeds… increasing its revenue by as much as 70%!


(And that’s just one of eight catalysts! Be sure to read over all of them in your special report before shares of this company move any higher.)


Now, before you pull the trigger on any stock recommended in the 100% Letter… I insist on explaining to you exactly how we find these opportunities and how can be so sure their shares can DOUBLE in the near future.


That’s why, we’ve put together a step-by-step action plan for showing you all the ways you can put the powerful investments in the 100% Letter to work for you.


It’s called, The Secret to Finding 100% Winners. And in the time it takes you to read this guide, you’ll become a sharper, more successful investor, take on less risk, and achieve your financial goals faster than you ever thought possible.


But don’t sit on this… be sure to read this strategy report, and all your special reports, right away – because any of these stocks have multiple catalysts that could spark a rally in their shares – without a moment’s notice. 


This is why, I firmly believe you should always be investing in stocks recommended in the 100% Letter portfolio…


Whether you have $500 or $5,000 to invest… whether you’re retired, saving for retirement, or setting aside money for the people you care about most…


Because it’s these catalyst-driven stocks that can quickly appreciate in value (in a matter of months, not years) and offer truly life-changing gains.


(You’re risking far more by missing out on these stocks!)


No wonder Richard M. wrote me to say he’s adding a few shares of these high-flying stocks to, as he puts it, “three accounts set up for three grandkids… accounts set up for dividend yield and reinvestment.”


Now, he’s an accountant… no one’s more cautious with their money…


And he’s allocating a portion of his grandchildren’s inheritance to these stocks. (The profit potential is undeniable!)


And he’s not alone. Thousands of readers, from all walks of life, are doing the same.


In fact, John M. of Raleigh, NC said:


I’m putting my kid through college on this stock


The stock: one of Tyler’s most recent big winners – Susser Holdings (NYSE: SUSS).


On the surface, there’s nothing remarkable about Susser… it’s a chain of gas stations and convenience stores… except for one thing: its meteoric rise is nothing short of extraordinary.


It grew from a family-owned operation with 2 stores to 535 stores – joining the ranks of the Fortune 500.


Even seemingly simple businesses like Susser can be hold enormous investment potential…


Of course, you wouldn’t have read about this company in Barron’s… and you wouldn’t have found it on any Wall Street broker’s watchlist.


Yet, Tyler and his readers got in this stock BEFORE it made it’s big move… helping reader John M. earn big profits of 110% and 80% for his kid’s college fund:


"The investments that I've made through the help of your service have helped me save more for my children's college education! I only regret that I didn't start earlier..."
- John M., May 16th, 2013


Have a look…


Susser DOUBLES in just 13 months!



What made shares of Susser rise so quickly?


Well, it all has to do with our strategy of investing only in companies with catalysts that can quickly unlock value and reward shareholders.


In Susser’s case, it was growing revenues by over 25% annually on what is traditionally a low margin business.


It was able to do this by tapping into a new market – the rapidly expanding Texas suburbs. In a few months, Susser was a key part of millions of people’s lives and earning record-high profits!


Now, Tyler has found another fast-growing business in the consumer sector. Like Susser, it’s tapping into a new market with a growing customer base.


It’s a manufacturer based right here in U.S. And it’s undercutting the Chinese competition by stuffing the shelves of discount stores including Walmart with American-made goods.


And it’s growing so quickly and generating so much cash, it’s sending all these profits back to shareholders in the form of 5.6% dividends.


Now, like Susser, shares of this company won’t stay cheap for long.


In fact, it could take off any day now...


That’s why I’ve just posted a full research report on this company on the subscribers-only 100% Letter website.


It’s called, The Cash-Cranking U.S. Manufacturer Poised to Double.


And since it’s on our secure website, you can read it over ASAP! – find out everything you need to know…  and snap up shares before this stock moves any higher.


Now, I realize that this kind of time constraint could lead to a hasty decision or, worse, a missed opportunity.


That's why I'd like to direct your attention to the part of this special offer that guarantees this is a win-win for you and makes all these reports FREE if you choose…


Your special 30-DAY money back guarantee!


If at any point during the next month you find that the 100% Letter isn't right for you, you can simply call my customer service manager to cancel: no hassles, no hard feelings – just a prompt and courteous 100% refund.


And ALL your special reports are yours to keep with my compliments.


I can’t wait for you to join us and get started… but before we begin, there’s one more investment I must tell you about.


The upside potential of this stock is so tremendous… shares could move so fast… you could wake up one morning to find you doubled your money in the course of an evening.


That’s why we call it:


An “Overnight Double-Bagger”


Investing in this stock is like grabbing shares of Northern Oil & Gas (NYSE: NOG) – a driller sitting on thousands of acres of untapped oil reserves in the Bakken – just before the North Dakota oil boom emerges in 2008…


at the same moment oil prices spike around the world pushing shares of Northern Oil & Gas up 946% in 3 years!


Except it’s not in North Dakota or even the continental U.S…


It’s in a region just as rich in oil – but almost completely untouched…


a vast frontier with over 9 billion barrels of oil just under the surface waiting to be pumped from the ground.


And only a handful of companies are there… drilling into this massive oil reserve and reaping the profits.


So, where is all this oil?


In one the last frontiers on Earth… Kenya. But this isn’t the first time Tyler Laundon and his readers invested in this resource-rich continent.


And that’s what makes this opportunity so exciting…


Because Tyler sees a lot of similarities between this expected DOUBLE-BAGGER and his now-legendary Africa Oil recommendation…


"How lucky am I to have bought some Africa Oil!... I am so impressed by your dedication and stable approach..."
- Elizabeth Moore, Pensacola, FL


Back in 2011, investors were captivated by the potential of natural gas and shale oil in the U.S… ignoring these big reserves of easy-to-reach oil in Africa.


Which was a major oversight… as Tyler’s research showed one company was getting closer and closer to hitting its first gusher...


Tyler recommended Africa Oil (CVE: AOI) at just $1.85 a share.


Just months before it became the first company in history to strike oil in Kenya – sending its shares up to over $11! Have a look…

Every $5,000 invested in AOI
turns into $28,130!



This is a prime example of what Tyler calls a “discovery catalyst.” The chance to get in a stock early – before it instantly shoots up after a major resource discovery.


And now he’s found another driller… like Africa Oil… operating in the same region and on the verge of striking oil!


And it could happen at any moment!


That’s why I’d like to send you Tyler’s latest research report on this opportunity… so you can look over all the maps and charts of this massive oil reserve and decide for yourself if an investment in this company is right for you.


It’s called Untapped Profits: Double Your Money Investing in Africa’s Frontier Oil Boom.


And inside, you’ll get a full analysis of this little-known exploration company… and everything you need to know about 11 different properties that could yield a major oil discovery sometime in the months ahead.


And I’d like to give you access to this in-depth special report – INSTANTLY.


All you have to get it – is accept this no-risk invitation to join the 100% Letter today!


So let’s quickly review everything you’ll receive today when you join the 100% Letter…  


You’ll be able to log in to the subscribers-only website… look over the 100% Letter portfolio… and instantly access all your special reports that reveal the full details of the 3 carefully selected stocks I mentioned earlier. You’ll get their names, ticker symbols, and discover all the specific catalysts that could get their shares moving right away:  


Special Report #1:


Double Your Money With The Little-known Company

Feeding the World

Inside, you’ll get a full analysis of a rapidly-growing company that’s gobbling up market share and dominating an entire sector of the agriculture industry.


Special Report #2:


The Cash-Cranking U.S. Manufacturer Poised to Double

You’ll discover the high-margin business selling consumer products so popular they’re flying off the shelves of discount superstores including Walmart. Not only could shares double very soon – it’s paying shareholders big, fat dividends (over a 5% yield).


Special Report #3:


Untapped Profits: Double Your Money Investing in Africa’s
Frontier Oil Boom

This report reveals all the details of a driller exploring a massive reserve filled with 9 billion barrels of oil. Like Tyler’s Africa Oil recommendation, this stock has the potential to jump 500% without a moment’s notice.


And you’ll also get Tyler’s latest investment guide that gives you all the ins and outs of his strategy that predicts which stocks are in store for triple-digit gains:


Special Report #5:


The Secret to Finding 100% Winners

Our step-by-step guide for showing you all the ways you can put the powerful investments in the 100% Letter to work for you. Including how to best allocate your portfolio so you can capture these big gains – with reduced risk.


Then, every other week, you'll receive the latest 100% Letter issue via email.


Each issue reveals a new investment opportunity – handpicked and thoroughly researched – that’s poised to DOUBLE sometime in the next 12 months.


You’ll always receive the full rationale behind every stock recommendation in the 100% Letter... including any potential risks and every catalyst that could send its shares soaring – so you'll have everything you need to make your own investment decisions.


And along the way, you'll also receive urgent alerts on current portfolio holdings, so you always have our latest research and know exactly where we stand.


Plus, you’ll also receive:


  • 26 issues of the 100% Letter containing our latest research, chart analysis and updates on portfolio holdings. These issues explain the full rationale behind our every move… and include discussions on stock price movements, stop losses and upcoming events – so you'll have everything you need to make sound investment decisions.

  • Clear and concise CATALYST-driven investment ideas – all of our research revolves around this proven investment strategy, which helps to boost returns while lowering risk. We tell you exactly what catalysts to be on the lookout for, how they could move each of our stocks, when they could occur and why they are so important. We outline multiple ways to win, so you have the highest chance of investment success possible.

  • Two opportunities to DOUBLE your money each month – you’ll receive two official investment recommendations each month… these include new ideas as well as ultra-timely alerts to add exposure to stocks under current coverage. We give you all the details so you don’t have to do the work. Of course, we always disclose any and all risks associated with every recommendation so you are completely informed.

  • Email alerts sent to your inbox the minute there's breaking news concerning a 100% Letter stock – so you'll always know exactly what’s happening with every stock we recommend and what, if any, action we recommend taking.

  • Fully transparent portfolio where you'll be able to see every transaction, cost basis, and trade information. There's no smoke and mirrors here – all numbers are front and center. This is a great tool for monitoring your own performance right alongside us.

  • Access to the 100% Letter subscribers-only website, where you can read over our entire issue archive and special reports library.

  • LIVE customer service during regular business hours with our customer service experts who are ready to help you with all your subscription needs.

  • FULL Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee – if at any point during the next 30 days you aren't completely satisfied, you can call and receive a full refund... no questions asked.

PLUS – when you respond right now, you'll receive this BONUS report, FREE!


In addition to all the benefits of 100% Letter outlined above – including the full details of the 3 stocks you must own – you'll also receive this bonus report:


Double Your Yield with the “Private” Equity Firm Paying 8% Dividends


Inside, you’ll discover a new investment... previously available only to the super wealthy... now OPEN to individual investors.


This unique firm gives you access to highly profitable deals typically reserved only for multi-millionaires and Wall Street Insiders.


And along the way, you’ll reap the profits in the form of big, 8% dividends.


Add it up and that’s 5 special reports… 4 handpicked investments ready to DOUBLE your money.


Plus – you’ll receive your action plan The Secret to Finding 100% Winners for how you can safely invest in these stocks, lower your risk, and dramatically grow your money in the months ahead – a seasonally a flat period for the markets.


Frankly, I've never published a research service like this before. And I sincerely hope you’ll join us.


But with so many people hungry for better returns for their money, high end publications and services are charging a premium these days – $500, even $1,000 or more per year!


I want you to be able to enjoy the benefits of these incredible investments that offer real returns for your money… returns that can make a difference in your life.


And I'm not looking to get rich off the backs of hard working men and women looking for solid investment research.


That’s why through this exclusive invitation only, I'm offering you a massive discount…


If you act right now, you can join the 100% Letter for only $199 a year.


That's 26 information-packed issues... plus buy and sell alerts... and 5 special reports designed to help you start profiting right away – all for about the cost of a good cup of coffee per week.


And remember, this offer is completely risk-free and comes with…


Our FULL MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE that makes it possible for you to join 100% Letter today and get a full refund if you decide it's not for you.


If at any point during the next month you decided that the 100% Letter isn't for you, you can simply call my customer service manager to cancel and receive a prompt and courteous refund.


And you’ll still find out all the details of the fast-moving 3 stocks that are set to take off any momentincluding their names and ticker symbols… and all the special reports are yours to keep with my compliments.


Of course, this kind of guarantee makes it possible to get everything we have to offer and pay nothing...


And that's okay. Because that's just how confident I am in what we have to offer you!


I think once you see the life-changing returns my readers are positioned to earn in the coming months… and why they’re about to soar… you'll decide to join us for the long haul. (And if not, no hard feelings.)


I urge you to click the link below... accept this special invitation to the 100% Letter and read over all your special reports... because there may never be an easier or better time to profit than with these stocks could DOUBLE very soon!





Ian Wyatt
Chief Investment Strategist
Wyatt Investment Research

P.S. Remember: Each of the first 3 stocks we’re adding to the 100% Letter portfolio could take off at any moment! If you wait, I can’t guarantee you’ll be able to get in on these incredible profit opportunities. So, please – if you're interested, I really would prefer that you have a chance to get in these companies before their shares move any higher. As I said, if you decide the 100% Letter is not right for you, you can cancel any time in your first 30 days… get all of your money back… and all 5 special reports are yours to keep!







* Investing in stocks carries certain risks for loss just as much as it presents opportunities for rewards. While each of the stocks in this new investment report has been thoroughly researched by professional analysts, investors are advised to perform their own research and due diligence before investing. Future returns claims made in this promotion are based on calculations and evaluations made to the best of the ability of 100% Letter research analysts, however they CANNOT be guaranteed and should not be considered as such.