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One small North American company sits on over $3.7 billion worth of silver - enough to double your investment in the next 90 days - regardless of what happens to the price of silver...

The International Business Times says it's in "easily the world's most productive silver district."

In this letter, I reveal the name of a company in this area, that's producing silver today...

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Dear Reader,

The silver bull market is well underway.

While the price of silver boomed to over $45 an ounce from $15 in the last 18 months, and then back down to $35 during the last week -- but the trend for higher priced silver is still intact. Savvy investors who ignore the hype of the latest correction and buy now will be rewarded with substantial profits.

And the best way to invest? I've recently uncovered a unique way to profit from a group of small, overlooked companies located in a remote silver mining province in Mexico.

  • One company in this area recently saw its stock gain 235% in less than a year...
  • Another small silver company's stock jumped 33% in 21 days.
  • One of the worst performing company mining silver in this area went up 25% in 30 days.

Legendary Commodities Investor Jim Rogers

"I would rather look at silver than gold. I own gold and I own silver, but silver is still 60% below its all time high.

Gold is making all time highs. So it is usually better to buy low and sell high. I am not selling my gold. Gold will go over $2,000 an ounce certainly in the next 5 to 10 years. But silver - on a percentage basis - will probably go up even more during that period of time...If it goes down, I hope I'm smart enough to buy more silver..."

And correction or not, silver is still at least 50% away from its inflation adjusted highs, so there's still plenty of upside for these companies.

Even better: the company with the BEST access to this massive silver deposit is selling at a discount to its peers.

For obvious reasons, I don't expect this stock to remain inexpensive for very long.

With silver prices making new highs nearly every day, and companies mining in the region leading the stock market, it's only a matter of time before this small silver stock doubles or triples in price...

That's why if you want to profit from the massive surge in silver prices, you need to seriously consider making an investment in this small company, today.

The opportunity to buy this company before its stock skyrockets is fleeting - so please read the full story below quickly...

Aztec Silver - Rediscovered

Over the past 500 years, one-third of the world's silver production has come from a long, narrow band of mountains known as the Sierra Madre Occidental range, located in western Mexico.

The earliest miners in this area were the Aztec Indians. European settlers "re-discovered" massive silver deposits here in the 17th century - and thousands of immigrants stormed the Sierra Madre range in what was then the New World's first precious metal bonanza...

But then in the early 1900s, the Mexican revolution halted all mining projects. Mining investment didn't start back up until the 1960s. It took decades of planning and exploration to get the Mexican mining industry back on its feet.

Today, Mexico's long-lost Aztec silver is being "re-discovered" all over again.

And the bonanza is in full swing.

Dozens of small companies are vying for properties in the area. They're setting up shop today, which means their mines won't produce an ounce for 5 years, if they're lucky.

But in 2005 a small silver exploration company began drilling test holes in this area. And today, they're now sitting on the richest deposit of pure silver discovered in the past ten years -- over 145 million ounces of silver...

This company is being led by a team of experts in the field, with a long history of turning small silver explorers into long-term productive mines.

As I said, it's nearly $4 billion of silver in today's prices. For every dollar that silver goes up in price, this company's silver is worth nearly $75 million more - just like that.

And the reason this company is still cheap relative to other producing mining stocks in the area...is that they're not producing...


Their development team is fast tracking the next stage of production...

That's why now is the perfect time to buy this company. When they start selling their silver, the stock will have already skyrocketed.

And in the next 90 days, I expect final stage drilling results to boost this company's share price at least 33%...

$6 Billion Worth of Silver

Building a mine is expensive -- and so before a mine is fully built, a company has to know exactly where the silver is, exactly how deep to drill, exactly how much silver they can expect to pull out of the ground...etc.

That's because the completion of a mine is a huge up-front costs that (hopefully) precedes many years of silver production.

If they can't be absolutely sure that they'll be able to produce a certain amount of silver every day, they can't know if they'll ever recoup their up-front expense of building the mine.

But this tiny company isn't spending a dime on their mine.

It's all being taken care of by their large-cap partner.

How to Buy Silver for $2.16 an Ounce

With over 145 million ounces of silver in the ground, and only 142 million shares outstanding, that means you get over 1 ounce of silver per share you buy.

With the share price currently less than $2.50, buying this company today is like buying its in-ground silver for $2.16.

You're not likely to find a lower-cost silver producer anywhere...

In effect, they're being completely bankrolled by this silver mining giant with extremely deep pockets - so the smaller company isn't taking on any of the financial risk.

They've just secured $15 million to continue to drill and develop their mining property.

Their large partner even compensated them for some of their exploration costs!

The best part is that the large silver company is completely covering the costs of building their mine -- in exchange for 55% of the profits.

It's expected that at the time of its completion, this mine will end up costing at least $200 million.

That's a huge vote of confidence from one of the most successful teams in the silver mining industry.

They obviously like what they see on this company's property in the Sierra Madres...

So what's the next step?

This company is awaiting the results of a feasibility study to be released any day now. I believe that this study will verify what company geologists and industry experts already know: this mine will become one of the top ten most productive silver mines in the world within a matter of months.

I've also crunched the numbers - and even in a worst-case scenario - if silver drops to $20 an ounce, (about half what it sells for today) we still stand to make at least 10% on this stock.

So...a 10% gain is my conservative downside prediction for this company.

  • But if silver drops to $30 an ounce - we're looking at a double.
  • And if it stays steady between $35 and $40 an ounce, I think we can realistically expect to nearly triple our money from today's price.
  • But at $60 an ounce (still well below inflation adjusted highs of more than $110 an ounce) I project we will make close to ten-times our money on this company.

How is it possible that this company could be so profitable - even if silver prices fall by half or 1/3?

Well, it's because they're projected to be able to mine silver for between $5 and $6 per ounce. That means that price of silver above $6 is pure profit. Every $1 advance in price is another $1 in their pockets for every ounce they can mine.

So as the price of silver increases, and they increase production, they make a literal mint.

And since they're not taking on any of the cost of building the mine, the company has essentially taken all of the risk out of ownership.

It's all upside.

But it's not the only company in the Sierra Madre region I'm looking at today...

The Company Producing Silver in Sierra Madre TODAY

In 2003 a small company called Endeavor Silver (AMEX: EXK) started test drilling in an area of the Sierra Madre range. They had no earnings. They really had no idea if they had much silver on their property. And their stock sold for less than 50 cents a share.

Less than a year later, they discovered substantial silver deposits, and later in 2004 they actually began producing silver.

But even before they sold a single ounce, their stock had already more than tripled to over $1.50.

  • That turned every $1,000 stake into more than $3,000.
  • And every $5,000 investment turned into $15,000.

Since then, the stock has ballooned to nearly $12 a share.

I have to confess: I recommended Endeavor's stock to subscribers of a research service I've dedicated to small companies called
Small Cap Investor Pro. As of this writing, my subscribers are up 235% on this stock. I fully expect it to continue to rise.

As I said, the other company in this same area is on the verge of bringing their first ounce of silver out of the ground. When that happens, it's likely that the share price will have already skyrocketed.

So I can't urge you strongly enough - if you want to ensure that you take full advantage of the surge in silver's price and this company's massive silver discovery, you need to act soon.

I've just finished writing a full research report on the massive profit opportunities in the Sierra Madre region.

It's called
Sierra Madre Silver Profits and I've made it available for you to access immediately.

In this special report, I give specific details on three companies currently in different stages of production in this area.

One of them, I've already mentioned: Endeavor silver. The other one is about to start producing its first ounce.

But there's one more company I haven't mentioned - and it might be the fastest way to profit from Sierra Madre Silver...

The Endeavor Clone...About to Double Production

I just found a company almost exactly like Endeavor...except it's a few years behind. Whereas Endeavor didn't produce its first ounce until 2004, the Endeavor close just started producing in 2007.

I think we'll see the same kind of profitability from this company as we saw with Endeavor.

And like Endeavor was in 2009 and 2010, this company is about to double its production. In fact, they plan on doubling production every two years for the next 5 years.

It's the same story: a small producer doubles its production at the same time silver prices are on the rise.

These two companies even have similar silver deposits...

And I've done the math on this company. With the amount of silver they'll be pulling out of the ground, the company's revenues will rise more than 25% EVEN if silver drops to $20 an ounce...

With that kind of downside protection, it's hard to lose.

But the upside is why we're buying this stock:

  • At $40 silver, the Endeavor Clone will more than double revenues this year

  • At $60 silver, it will triple revenues.

  • And at $100 silver this company will make 6 times more money by the end of 2012.

The thing to remember is that precious metal companies typically sell for many, many times their earnings. For instance, one of my other favorite silver companies, Silver Wheaton (NYSE: SLW) sells for about 50 times earnings.

So if this company doubles earnings over the next year as I believe it will, then we should see the stock double as well.

That's a conservative estimate, given what we know about silver prices today, how much silver this company has and how high precious metals companies are valued.

Remember - Endeavor silver has so far more than tripled our initial investment. I think we'll see similar performance from the Endeavor Clone.

If you're interested in finding out the name of the Endeavor Clone, I reveal the name of this company in my new special report
Sierra Madre Silver Profits.

To recap: in this report I tell you the three best ways to get rich from the silver-rush in Sierra Madre region.

I believe there's no better way to capitalize on rising silver prices than to read my research report and buy these three companies today.

If you're interested in accessing this report, I'll give it to you for free - I simply ask that you take a risk-free trial subscription to my service,
Small Cap Investor Pro.

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But you should know...

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Small Cap Investor PRO: Your Small Cap Profit Source

I think you'll agree - for $195 (that's just 53 cents a day) - this is the absolute BEST DEAL going today.

Best regards,

Ian Wyatt
Chief Investment Strategist
Small Cap Investor Pro

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