Private Equity Firm Goes Public -

pays out big 8% dividends!



A new investment fund previously available only to the super-wealthy, is now OPEN to individual investors.


Whether you have $18 or $1,800 to invest – you can easily get in today and collect big dividends...



Fellow Investor,


Out in a leafy hamlet of "old money" Connecticut... down the street from the world's biggest and wealthiest private equity firms... is the headquarters of a small band of renegade investors bucking the blue-blood establishment.

They're turning the tables on their closed-door neighbors – private equity firms that cater only to trustfunders and billionaires – by making their wildly successful firm open to the public. 

Now, any investor, no matter their net worth or portfolio size, can earn big cash payouts from highly profitable deals once available only to the incredibly well-off. 

I'm talking about big money transactions... venture capital... acquisitions... mergers... leveraged buyouts... the bread-and-butter of the private equity industry – are now all accessible to you with this private equity firm gone public! 

It's cranking out cash from blockbuster deals and rewarding investors like you with the spoils – in the form of massive dividends...

  • James Schreiber needed a steady stream of income during these zero interest rate times and got it when his dividend check of $1,109.52.

  • Mary Turner watched her account swell with new money when she received 2 dividend payouts in the span of just 3 months totaling $1,485.36

  • Gerald R. Santos collected a whopping $4,260 in dividends last year alone! He continues to bank $1,080 every 90 days.

Now I'll understand if you're a bit skeptical... you're right to be... after all, these are some impressive dividends. 

And I'll admit, you won't read about this unique firm or its big dividends in The Wall Street Journal... or see its executives exposed in a splashy CNBC segment (they prefer to stay under the radar)... but a select few individual investors are getting in (and securing this income stream) every day. 

And joining them is easy!

You don't need to be a member of the Yale Club or have a Wall Street "connection" to invest...

As I mentioned a minute ago, this private equity firm is open to the public - meaning it's listed on the New York Stock Exchange. So you can snap up shares and position yourself to earn substantial capital gains and generous 10.3% dividends right now.

Frankly, I don't know of any other investment that's so effectively leveling the playing field for the self-directed investor. 

Because this little-known firm allows you to get a piece of unique and private deals most investors never get a chance to even hear about. And it's making a fortune for its shareholders...


When the labor market was hit by a downturn, the firm acquired a business that provided industrial staffing services in 29 states. Then, it turned around and sold the company at the amazing valuation of 8.2x earnings... earning an enormous profit of $89 million!

The firm bought a California-based company that manufactures high-performance coatings for premium eyewear. Two years later it sold this tech operation at a whopping $39 million profit!


The managers running this firm bought all of these companies when they were cheap. And they typically sell when prospective buyers are willing to pay a premium. 

And they are able to do this year in and year out... because they're always on the hunt for next the deal. 

And that's the great thing about this firm. You're not investing in a single company with a single product. 

Instead, you're participating in sophisticated deals involving high-growth businesses that yield tremendous cash payouts. 

And the kicker is... because this firm is open to public, it's regulated by the SEC and subject to securities laws uniquely designed to benefit shareholders. 

The best one: it must pay out the bulk of the cash generated from these lucrative deals to its shareholders - investors like you - in the form of dividends. 

And unlike closed-door private equity firms, there's no chicanery or "fuzzy math" here... every cent from every deal is accounted for.

The end result is you always know exactly what's happening with your investment and how much income you can expect to make over time.

In fact, this firm's commitment to generating cash and consistently paying dividends is detailed in plain sight right on their web page. 

This clear, straightforward approach is refreshing in an era where it's all too common for crooked money managers (Goldman Sachs, MF Global, Galleon Group... just to name a few) to pull the wool over the eyes of investors.

Plus, in addition to open-book transparency, this firm has distinct advantages compared its private counterparts. Have a look... 


As you can see, this firm doesn't live or die by the fees it earns, like the gougers on Wall Street. It makes its money the old fashioned way – by making successful investments that generate reliable returns for its investors. 

You see, insiders and managers hold huge stakes in the firm and, as shareholders, they're compensated in dividends. Their sole goal is to generate as much cash as possible! Meaning their interests are aligned with yours. 

And that's what makes this such a compelling investment right now and for years to come.

Because this firm has 8 lucrative deals in the works... The kind of highly profitable deals I mentioned earlier... that allow it to pay out tens of millions of dollars to investors like you in the form of dividends.

And that's why I'm writing you today: So you can get your share of these massive dividends payouts! 

Whether you're looking to generate income in retirement... pad your portfolio with new money... or earn some extra cash for a vacation to Bermuda... this special "private" equity firm has proven to pay out consistent and sizable dividends... 

Since going public, this firm has NEVER decreased its dividend. 

Not even in 2008 and 2009 when many dividend payers were slashing theirs. 

In fact, this firm has a documented history of RAISING its dividend.

And while it has a generous yield... maybe you're asking yourself... how exactly can this firm be so successful at rewarding its shareholders and still remain an honest, open enterprise? 

Well, where private equity firms are leveraged to the hilt using junk as collateral and risking billions of their clients' money in undisclosed, backroom deals... this public firm keeps things simple.

They don't make risky bets... and they don't have giants debts that could be called back at anytime... or even hundreds of investments to track...

They're a small operation with one office and a handful of hardworking employees. And they own just a few high-growth investments at a time... investments in medium-sized businesses with proven management teams and tremendous growth potential. 

Feel-good, AMERICAN businesses with innovative products, growing workforces, and a healthy bottom-line. 


And it's this dedication to investing in these rapidly growing U.S. businesses where YOUR dividends come in...

8 deals valued at over $1 BILLION! 

Right now this firm owns 8 cash-cranking companies – investments that could yield enormous profits in the months and years ahead (more on this ahead). 

But these companies didn't always have such big cash flows...

You see, this firm specializes in acquiring high-growth companies at rock bottom prices. Then, helps to grow each individual business by expanding their operations quickly. For example: Where one acquisition might need capital to open a new factory, another may need to restructure debt and cut costs. Whatever the need, this firm has the resources to help both.

And the potential for further growth is always there (otherwise they wouldn't acquire the company). And this firm's sole goal is to grow these companies, so they can generate massive amounts of cash – to be distributed to as dividends to shareholders – right now and for years to come. 

Yes, the end goal is to sell the companies it buys at a profit… but not before this special "private" equity firm can increase its value as much as possible.

Now, I'm not talking about company flipping here... There's no way to gimmick sustainable growth. 

This firm's management acquires companies with existing cash flows and well-positioned products that are in high demand and occupy a profitable niche – then gives them the tools and infrastructure to necessary to ensure decades of success. 

You could think of this private equity firm gone public as an incubator for America's next generation of successful companies. 

And along the way, they're paying you big, fat dividends...

This firm gains an average of 65% on every investment! 

Since going public, this firm gained over $500 million from acquiring and selling high growth U.S. companies. Companies including...

  • A manufacturer of rifles and hunting optics... sold for a gain of 115%!

  • A maker of industrial food processors and cookers... sold for a gain of 58%!

  • A high-tech coatings manufacturer... sold for a gain of 88%!

  • An industrial staffing firm... sold for a gain of 65%!

You'll notice a theme when glancing at this list... These are all industrial operations that are involved in making REAL products – right here in the good ol' U.S.A. 

No banks that just move money around or whizz-bang social media companies here... this special firm invests solely in American manufacturers. 

And it uses its deep pockets and management expertise to expand these businesses, create American jobs, and keep all those new profits here. (Now this is an investment I'm sure you can get behind!)

So which high growth U.S. company will this firm spin-off next? And how much money can you make? 

Well, currently, it owns 8 companies with healthy cash flows and tremendous upside potential. Let's have a look at the line-up:

A high-tech operation that makes wafer thin circuit boards – based not in China, but in the Midwest!

A California maker of recreational and military-grade outdoor equipment including gloves, backpacks, and hydration systems.

A manufacturer of high-end suspension units for off-road vehicles including ATVs and snowmobiles. 

A New York technology company that develops products for the oil, semiconductor, medical, and transportation industries – it counts several Fortune 500 members as its customers.

A maker of popular baby products that's rapidly growing and gobbling up market share.

A security company that makes premium home and gun safes - on the surface, a boring investment, but this business increased sales by 27% last year.

A Florida company that manufacturers top-of-the-line therapeutic supports and beds for the medical industry.

A low-cost furniture company that produces and sells sofas, sectionals, and recliners.


Clearly, this is a diversified portfolio of companies. Any run-of-the-mill holding company would be happy to hold on to these businesses for decades. But not this firm. 

It won't hold these companies forever. 


This firm's goal is to reward shareholders (you!) with dividends. 

And the only way to do that is to increase the value of these acquisitions... funnel their cash flows and earnings to you... then, when the time is right, sell the newly improved company at a tidy profit. 

And when you consider this firm's track record of acquiring and selling businesses - the 65% average return I mentioned earlier – its current holdings could be worth a over $1 billion

That's a big pool of cash. And it's what this firm is doing with this cash that's important here...

Because they don't just make profits and set them aside as a safety net. They use the profits to hunt for the next big acquisition, which in turn will secure cash flow for shareholders. 

The more cash-cranking companies they acquire, the more money (dividends) that's coming to you. 

You see, as a shareholder, you're considered a partner in the firm. You'll even be sent the official paperwork when you invest. 

You're entitled to a big piece of all the businesses this special "private" equity firm owns - their free cash flows are paid out directly to you. 

And as the successes and profits pile up year after year... this firm acquires bigger and companies... handing their shareholders an even greater stream of income.

For you, all this adds up to one thing...

Years of consistently high dividends 

The way I see it, there's 2 ways you can put an investment in this firm to use right away:


1. If you want the income now, I recommend you simply buy shares, take the big cash distributions as they are paid out, and enjoy watching those big 8% dividends roll in. 

2. Or if income isn't your primary concern, and you plan to hold the stock for years, I'd recommend enrolling the shares in a DRIP program through your broker. It's easy to do and completely free. Once you're enrolled, all dividend payments will be reinvested in new shares of stock, commission free. The beauty of this is that as time goes on your ownership interest increases, so your share of dividends will go up as well - setting you up for a big gain down the road, even if the stock trades flat!


Whichever way you choose... an investment in this firm today is giving you access to a stream of new money... a source of gains and dividends that were previously available only to well-to-do investors. 

I can't wait to give you this firm's name, its ticker symbol on the NYSE, and everything you need to know about all its cash-cranking acquisitions, but out of respect for our subscribers. I have to give all this to you in the form of a brand-new special report.

It's called Double Your Yield with the “Private” Equity Firm Paying 8% Dividends.


And I'd like to send you a copy of this special report for FREE – so you can read over all the details for yourself. 

Inside, you'll discover all my latest research on this firm, including my price targets and even a helpful tax tip for getting the most of your dividends. 

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