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“The Jetsons never had it this good!”



Exciting technology breakthrough creates a new,


fast-growing market for investors that could top

$731 BILLION by the year 2020.


One undiscovered company has quietly


positioned itself as an innovator and industry leader.



Here’s why its stock could


DOUBLE in as little as 12 months …



Dear Reader,


Remember The Jetsons?


Well, my friend, that fun, fanciful world of the future isn’t just inventive imagination any longer.


The technology has arrived to our real world. 



 “Hi honey, I’m home!”


Before your feet touch the floor in the morning, your thermostat sets itself to the perfect temperature for each room of your home.  Prefer cool in the den, warmer in the bedrooms?  No problem.  It’s done automatically.  And you never have to readjust when the seasons change either. 


Make your way into the kitchen to grab a cup of your favorite coffee.  It’s already brewed and poured into your favorite mug.  Just the way you like it.


Ready for your morning shower?  The lights turn on as you enter the bathroom, the radio tunes to your favorite Internet station and water sprays from the spout at just the right pulse and temperature.  Then as you dry off, you switch stations using the voice-activated command on your cell phone and instantly you’re listening to today’s traffic report.


Back in the kitchen, you quickly plan dinner for that evening.  You realize that the pot roast is still frozen.  Problem solved.  Just place it on a tray, add seasoning and pop it into the oven.  At the precise time you choose, your meal will be thawed, cooked to perfection and ready to serve the moment you get home.


OOPS!  Couldn’t make it to the supermarket earlier that week?  That’s okay.  Your refrigerator prints out the rest of that evening’s menu for you based on the ingredients you’ve already got stored inside.


While driving to work you remember you didn’t turn off the lights and lower the temperature to save energy.  No problem…just press a button on your smart phone and you’ve got it covered.  Press another button and you’re recording that new movie onto your DVR to watch when you get home that evening.


Your boss asks you to stay an hour longer to finish up some important work.  But that means your kids will be left all alone.  No need to disappoint your boss.  Or to fret for your kids’ safety.  Simply turn on the lights throughout your home, lock all the windows and doors and monitor your kids—even chat with them and check their homework—right from your iPhone.


While heading home you decide to make a quick stop at the supermarket.   But you forgot to bring along your grocery list.  Just have your rubbish bin—yes, I said your rubbish bin—send you a list of all the items you’ve used up and tossed away since your last shopping trip.


Back home before sitting down for dinner you quickly head off to the laundry room to toss one load of clothes into the washer and another in the dryer. Then go ahead and enjoy your meal.  Separate text alerts will be sent to your kitchen video monitor when each load is done.  In that way, the delicates don’t get wrinkled—and your meal doesn’t get interrupted.


After dinner, you relax and unwind in front of the TV to watch that latest movie release you recorded earlier in the day.  Meanwhile your kids are watching their own favorite show (age appropriate controlled, of course) both from the same system. There are no interruptions and no conflicts about who gets to watch what.


Then, it’s finally time for bed.  The lights turn off on cue, the security system alarms itself and the heat or air conditioner adjusts to a different, pre-selected mode. 


You fall fast asleep knowing that you and your family are safe.  You’ve made the most of your day.  Plus you’ve saved tons of time, money and energy.



It’s the “smart” way to live.


What I’ve described may sound futuristic, but I assure you that it’s all completely possible. 


Average Americans like you and me can affordably enjoy these modern conveniences today.


We call it the “smart” home. 


And the new, advanced, “smart” technologies behind it are creating an INCREDIBLE transformation of our entire society and the way we all live. 


There are many reasons to believe that the smart home could improve your life…


But it also is one of the biggest profit opportunities of 2015.


The technological advancements in your home are the next big thing.  You’ve probably followed some of the biggest growth trends...the Internet, social media, the electric car, and wearable technologies.


Today, you have an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the next profit trend…an opportunity that could turn every $10,000 invested into more than $20,000 in less than 12 months.



One US-based “Smart Home”

firm is at the center of it all.


You might expect this to be one of the biggest names in tech…Cisco, Google, or Microsoft…


But that’s not the case. 


Though companies like Google are just beginning to take an interest in this new smart home technology…


As you’ll see in a moment – all of these companies are dependent on this one small outfit.


Because this one company designs, manufactures and delivers the vital internal components, the software, and the entire systems needed to make the smart home smart.


In fact, without this company – the smart home would be little more than a figment of cartoon-land.


Now, thanks to this ground-breaking technology, your home, your appliances, and your desktop computer, your laptop or tablet, and your smart phone can all be connected to the Internet.  To one another.  And especially to YOU. 


It’s giving us conveniences, personal comforts and added safety features we never were able to experience before.  And it’s all so advanced and “space age”… even the Jetsons would be WOWED!


As incredible as it may seem, today’s smart home is just “a preview” of what life will be like tomorrow. 


A TIDAL WAVE of incredible new inventions and innovations to serve the smart home market is surging our way. 


And this company’s “platform” allows all of them to work together and integrate as one.  Now and for years to come, the quality of our lives will evolve and improve as a result.


In the next few moments, you’ll see how this one company will be at the forefront of this entire, truly remarkable process.  And why…



The possibilities and potential of the

21st century “smart” home are virtually limitless!


Today’s smart home technologies are taking us places the Jetsons never could.  That’s because no one ever dreamed what our in-home appliances and devices actually could do.


That all changed with the dawn of the computer chip and the Internet Age.


Now the smart home is not just a dream.  It’s not some cartoon fantasy.  It’s reality.  And every day we’re moving forward into newer, more amazing places by leaps and bounds!


From an investor’s standpoint, the smart home market has also opened the door to a new, multi-billion dollar, MEGA-industry… that’s still in its infancy.  


As millions upon millions of people, homes and devices become connected to one another, these latest technologies are creating…



More potential profit opportunities than we’ve

seen since the introduction of the

personal computer.


Already, the number of people using “smart” systems has soared.


Think about how often you’ve seen a 5 year old kid playing a learning game on his or her own tablet.  Or all the times you’ve witnessed an executive conducting business “remotely.” 


You yourself may check out the weather or make a restaurant reservation from a cell phone.


The fact is …


Smart home systems will become an integral part of all our lives – just as the telephone, automobile, the computer and the internet did.




One recent study predicts that 50% of all U.S. homes will be “totally connected” within just 5 years! And it’s estimated that smart homes will have an average of 10 connected devices. 


That’s over 5 BILLION connected devices.



We’re just at the front end of an

already-HUGE AND GROWING market!


Smart home systems are taking off throughout Canada, South America and in Europe, as well as across the burgeoning economies of India and Russia. 


China, which offers the next greatest potential for growth after the U.S. (and could one day far surpass our levels just in sheer volume) could alone push the market to astronomical levels!


The fact is, wherever there’s new home construction or renovation taking place—anywhere throughout the world that the Internet is available – these smart home systems are being installed in record numbers!


Worldwide sales of smart home systems and devices are SKYROCKETING! Annual sales have already topped the $10 billion mark.  And that’s less than a decade since first being introduced.


What’s even more astounding is the potential market size within just five years…



“The Smart home is a $731 Billion Market”


That’s the forecast of Foster & Sullivan – a top technology research firm.


They expect the smart home will grow 70x by the year 2020. And that would put annual sales an astounding $731 billion!


That’s only 5 short years from now!  Imagine what that number will be 10, 15, 20 years into the future.


Retail giants like Staples, Home Depot and Lowe’s are seizing this opportunity.  They’re looking to satisfy the massive consumer demand.  And they’re clearing off huge space from their shelves to stock smart home systems rather than “more traditional” home products. 




Customers are buying up the latest, greatest smart home innovations as soon as they become available!


Major technology players like Apple, Honeywell, Google and Phillips are also jumping on board.  They’re acquiring smaller firms that serve the market and pumping millions upon millions of dollars into new product development.



A rising tide lifts all boats.


As the market continues to grow, dozens of new companies will come onto the scene.  Some will become profitable.  Others will be acquired.  But most will simply fall by the wayside.


Only the best and strongest ones will survive for the long term. 


And this company stands out head and shoulders above the rest.


In fact, I believe its THE BEST possible investment to profit from the smart home!


I’ll even take it one step further…this is the single best technology stock you could own today.


Yet surprisingly, it’s not gotten much attention from the vast majority of investors…


Institutional investors don’t know about this stock…


And most of the big Wall Street firms don’t have this smart home stock on their radar.


That’s too bad for them.  But it could be great news for you because…



Its stock is poised to SOAR


100% in the next year –


turning every $10,000 invested into $20,000!


This company has a lot going for it.


It’s only been in business a few years and is still a relatively unknown player.


Yet it’s already snared a large chunk of the smart home market.


Its products are made to be simple and interactive.  Just punch in a code on the system remote, and that code and that one remote (or your smart phone, computer or tablet) controls every connected device in your entire home – your TV, Blue Ray, coffee maker, your washer – ALL OF THEM!   Plus every command can be made with just a single touch of a button or by a simple voice command.


The company designs its systems to give you control, whether you’re inside your home, at work, or you’re traveling thousands of miles away.


Now that’s power.


There are other vital assets and competitive advantages this company has, including:


  • Strong financials

  • Great prospects for growth

  • Smart, pro-active senior management

  • It manufactures and services its own products and other companies’ too, plus

  • Its plans to expand into additional high potential global markets soon


But the one thing I like best about this company and that really sets its stock above every other in my book is…



This Little-Known Company is

“The Microsoft” of the Smart home


Now I know what you’re thinking… that’s quite a claim to make.  But if you recall how Microsoft made FORTUNES for Bill Gates, Paul Allen and thousands of its early investors (and is still making lots of money for them today) I’m sure you’ll agree with me.


Microsoft didn’t become one of the world’s largest corporations by manufacturing computers and components.  It licensed the operating systems that allowed those computers to perform their functions.


That’s what this company does in the smart home connection market!


Its software allows other firms to connect their devices and systems to those of other firms. 


In fact, it’s already developed and licensed the applications for 70 other leading manufacturers and over 300 products sold today.  It’s partnering with such leading brands as Bose, Sharp and Pioneer among others.


It also makes many of the components that other companies buy and add into their systems.


These are HUGE advantages for this company…


And for its early investors.


No other company on the market today—big or small—has such advanced technology.  Or such an “edge” in the market.


Not Apple.  Not Honeywell.  Not Google.  And not Phillips.  No one.


In fact, those other major firms are buying software and components from this company!


And so, even the big players aren’t competition to this firm.  On the contrary, they’re customers of this firm.


Another huge advantage is…



The recent landmark deal that could net this firm MILLIONS...


(And launch its stock into outer space!)

Toll Brothers is one of the largest developers of luxury homes across the U.S.  It just partnered with this company to provide the backbone smart systems for EVERY home that Toll Brothers builds moving forward.


Considering that Toll Brothers builds three to four thousand new homes every year on average…and if just 50% of those new homeowners choose to add a smart system at an average cost of just $10,000…that alone is 15 to 20 million dollars of new revenue for this company!


Ten grand is cheap when you realize that it adds only a few dollars onto a mortgage every month.  And what owner of a luxury new home in the half-million dollar plus range wouldn’t want a smart system added in?  The added convenience, security and enjoyment it brings are well worth the price.  Plus it adds value when it’s time to resell.  In other words, those projections could be extremely conservative.


Toll Brothers ranked at “just” # 13 on the BuildersOnline.com “Top 100” list of homebuilders last year.   Ahead of them in terms of number of new homes sold are such powerhouse names as D.R. Horton (with 25,161 homes sales), Lennar Corp. (18,290) and PulteGroup (17,766).


The top 10 alone accounted for nearly 110,000 units sold.  If just 50% of their homes include a smart system in the future, that’s 55,000 homes times $10,000 per system.


And that equals $550 MILLION IN SALES !!!


And that’s just the top ten homebuilders. 


There are literally THOUSANDS of builders all across the country.  Each and every one of them is a potential partner for this firm—whether it’s installing its own systems or it’s providing the software for other companies to do it.  (And don’t forget, this firm services them all, too.)


Over a half-million new homes are sold a year.  If just 50% of those homes have a smart system, component or platform made by this company, you’re looking at 250,000 systems of $10,000 and more….


Or an additional 2.5 billion in revenue.


PLUS we haven’t even touched on the hundreds of thousands of homes, condos and apartment units that are renovated every year – a large percentage of which will have a new smart home system added in. 


As you can plainly see,



The sky’s the limit for this firm!


Think about it. 


  • The entire smart home market is a rising tide of growth and opportunity.


  • Millions of us already use some type of smart system and more and more of us are becoming accustomed to their use.


  • The U.S. housing market is showing signs of strong recovery and will at some point take off to pre-2007 levels again. 


  • Certain overseas economies are gaining steam and its citizens want smart homes, too.


  • And this company is the leader in the smart home technology market.


  • These and many other factors could easily push this stock straight up into Jetson-like stratospheric range!


These factors also make this company a VERY attractive, current buying opportunity.


But it won’t be for much longer.  Here’s why:



The stock could break through that “magical”


TRIPLE DIGIT return ceiling any time now.


I’ve identified 6 specific events that could unlock value for early investors in this smart home stock.


I call them “catalysts.” Each catalyst is lining up perfectly, and could easily put this company’s stock price on track to DOUBLE during the next 12 months alone.


All six of these specific events set this stock on fire are revealed in a new Special Report.


I call it:  The “Jetson” Factor: How You Can DOUBLE YOUR WEALTH by Investing in Today’s $731 Billion “Smart Home” Technologies!   


In just a minute, I’ll explain how you can claim your complimentary copy of the full research report.


In this Special Report you’ll discover:


  • This “secret” company’s massive competitive advantage in the marketplace…


  • The impressive array of products and capabilities that blows away anything on the market...


  • Its plan for domestic and international penetration…


  • Its deal with the world’s largest home developers (including Toll Brothers) while still retaining its independence …


  • And why it could be…


The “#1” company serving the smart home

marketplace for years to come.


Together, the 6 catalysts you’ll read about make this company my “favorite” play in the smart home marketplace today. 


Inside the special report, you’ll get all the details on this ground-floor opportunity…including the name of the company, my research into the smart home, and specifics on the 6 investment catalysts that could propel shares higher.


Plus, you’ll learn exactly when to buy and sell its stock so that you could be in position to DOUBLE your wealth in as little as 12 months. 


But I also want you to know this is more than a quick profit play.


I’m convinced that this stock is a top investment idea for the next 12 months…


But I also feel that, longer term, this company could easily climb 300% to 500% as the smart home industry EXPLODES in popularity.


Plus, there is always the potential for this stock to be a takeover target by one of the major tech companies…and if that happens, shares of this stock could surge past my wildest dreams.


Either way, you can be sure I’ll keep you informed.  


This smart home stock is one to buy today…


The Report: The “Jetson” Factor: How You Can DOUBLE YOUR WEALTH by Investing in Today’s $731 Billion“Smart Home” Technologies  has a $199 value.   


But as you’ve probably already surmised, it could be worth many, MANY times that amount considering the profits you could rack up on any one of these stocks.


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Simple.  We want to introduce you to…



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Is that they’re unknown to the vast majority of investors.


They’re generally underappreciated, overlooked and, more important, UNDERvalued.


When other investors are ecstatic with a 10% or 20% in just 12 to 18 months…


…NOT so for me and my readers.


While we never turn our noses up on any profit, we’re not happy with “average” returns.  We want 100% gains!  Potentially higher.  Consistently.  Without taking on an unnecessary amount of risk.


We also want balance.  Which is why I choose stocks from a variety sectors and industries, and why I continually list and update current stocks I like in a model portfolio that I provide to readers in every issue.


Why do I take those extra steps?  Because, like you, my readers have financial goals they want to attain sooner, rather than later.  That requires quicker, bigger returns.  At LESS risk.


Take John M. of Raleigh, North Carolina, for example.  He wrote this to me:


“I’m putting my kid through college on that stock.”


What could be more important to John M. than that?  Nothing, that’s what. 


Yet every one of the thousands of readers who follow 100% Letter closely have their own goals.


And my goal is to help you attain your financial goals.



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When I first recommended Allot to my 100% Letter readers, it was hardly making a whimper on Wall Street.  At that point, less than 20,000 of its shares were traded on any given day.


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At that time, tech giants Apple and Google were just starting to market iPhones and Android devices.  (One of the “catalysts” that met my criteria for 100% or more returns.)


We all know what happened next.  In less than a couple of years, and millions of sales of mobile devices later, Allot’s revenues shot straight through the roof—right alongside the upsurge in worldwide mobile traffic.


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