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100% Letter - Portfolio



100% Letter is our most aggressive service, targeting investments with 100% upside potential within 12 to 18 months.


With this “go anywhere” advisory service, Editor Tyler Laundon tracks down the most exciting and profitable opportunities in the market. This type of research requires a very special blend of business acumen and creative thinking that few analysts possess, and which even fewer can turn into actionable ideas.


Using his combination of “venture capital” and “business development” strategies, Tyler finds those unknown, underappreciated and misinterpreted companies that are off the beaten path … ignored by most of Wall Street … and which offer immense growth potential.


This approach has generated a consistent win ratio above 75% and has handed subscribers regular double- and triple-digit gains from stocks in the natural resource, technology and energy industries.


As subscriber John M. says, “Since I started using your service a year and a few months ago, my portfolio has finally gone into the black … The investments that I've made through the help of your service have helped me save more for my children's college education!”


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